A legacy in The Making

Art Decoration International PVT LTD is a world renowned company that has been thriving in the ceramic industry and decorating the world for 25 years since 1992.

Manufacturing and Exporting to 50 countries worldwide and working with major global players such as Tchibo GmbH, H&M Home, Gilde-Handwerk, Pier 1, Country Baskets UK, Home Centre and Zaha Hadid Designs UK to name a few.

We have been exhibiting our beautiful range of products with more than 5000 designs in ASD Las Vegas, Autumn fair international Birmingham, Artisan Resource @ NY NOW, Kent Fair Japan, HKTDC Hong Kong, Dubai Houseware Fair, IHGF Delhi Fair India, Zuchex Houseware & Gift fair Turkey, Christmas World Germany, Spoga Gafa Cologne Germany, and our main two exhibitions Ambiente and Tendence in which we exhibit annually in Frankfurt Germany.

With state of the art technology and equipment, research and development coupled with ambition to bring to life quality products with the utmost customer satisfaction thereby enabling our customers to have a unique product.

Because Knowledge is power

The Geological position of Sri Lanka makes exports to Western and European countries more efficient, with frequent sailings from Colombo port which reach Europe in a matter of 18 days with comparatively low freight costs

Sri Lanka enjoys the GSP plus facility granted by the European Union for around 7,500 products, thereby making them tax free.

Our products have no anti-dumping taxes imposed on them

Sri Lanka is a land filled with resources and contains high quality raw materials such as Quartz, Ball Clay, Kaolin, which is necessary for the production of quality ceramic

With a literacy rate of 92%, which is the highest in South Asia where a majority understands English Language is a competitive edge to maintain consistent quality and designs

Chairman’s message

As the founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Art Decoration International Pvt Ltd, it is with both pride and pleasure that I stand here today celebrating 25 years of success in the Ceramic Industry as a manufacturer, exporter and Entrepreneur.

Our organization values lie in the happiness of our employees and appreciation from our customers. At Art Decoration International we are about manufacturing beautiful ceramic products of the highest quality and more than business, the happiness and pleasure that I acquire is from ensuring that my clients and their clients appreciate the true aesthetic beauty of our designs and products.

Businesses are built on trust, and we are fortunate to have won the trust of our customers into becoming the largest manufacturer in South Asia for decorative ceramic products. With a production facility spanning across 20,000square meters of land in Sri Lanka, it is our humble goal to become the global market leader in our line of products and to provide all our stakeholders a delightful experience in working with our ADI Family while continuously striving to improve and fully undertake our social responsibility, in building a green and sustainable business.

ADI Group

  • Art Decoration International
  • ADI Home
  • OTTO Bathware

Board of Directors


Corporate Social Responsibility

Our new initiative is to generate 40% of our electricity consumption using solar energy and to connect it to the national grid through net metering, as it is a renewable and non-polluting source of energy, and to thereby set an example to other manufacturing companies in the industry to follow suit and encourage the use of green energy

As a group we believe in sustainable business, and conducting our business operations with a minimal negative impact on the global or local environment, community, society, or economy as a company policy, and thus we have installed a water treatment plant that recycles the waste water from our production. And this recycled water is sprinkled onto the garden and plants at our factory.

We believe in environmentally friendly production and all our ceramic products are reversible and reusable at any stage before firing and this has enabled us to reduce a significant amount of wastage.

This is an African philosophy that can be summed up as “I am, because we are”, this is our view in giving back to society, and being a successful business in any industry means that society has placed their trust in you, and it is our duty to contribute positively towards the well-being of the society. Listed below are a few of the social services conducted by our group ;

  • Construction of a Dhamma school at Galtude Galkanda Sri Maha Viharaya
  • The students of Wewita Maithri College were gifted school shoes/footwear
  • Provision of sponsorships from the beginning of secondary school up until the completion of higher education to students
  • Donations/gifts of books and other school stationery to the children of soldiers that have sacrificed their lives in the war.

  • Miniature structure of Siri Pada constructed at Sri Sumanarama temple, Deltara.
  • Construction of place of worship at Ambuluwawa Bio-diversity complex, Gampola
  • Construction of place of worship at Our Lady of Lourdes church, Piliyandala
  • Sponsoring and provision of water to Wewita Purwaramaya temple, Wewita
  • Place of worship constructed for the students of Dhamma Keerthi College, Galtude.
  • Poson Dansala conducted for the past 15 years annually by our group.

  • Donation of wheelchairs to the public hospitals of Bandaragama and Gonaduwa
  • Donation of medicines to the cancer hospital in Maharagama.
  • Donation of goods to persons affected by the May 2017 floods that displaced around 600,000 persons.
  • Blood donation for Cancer hospital and Central Blood Bank

  • A bus halt was constructed by our group for the public of Galtude, Bandaragama as they had to wait standing for the arrival of the bus in the heat
  • Donations to societies and foundations around 5 villages in the city of Bandaragama for festivals and functions such as Ramadan, Sinhalese/Tamil New year, Sports meets etc.
  • Our group has donated land plots to our senior and loyal employees to build homes in.